Special and Standardised Translation

The work of the translator may turn out to be, on certain occasions, a key reason why a project becomes a success or a failure. At some point or other, everyone has come across a totally incomprehensible instructions manual in Spanish, or has accessed a website where the contents are meaningless, or read a brochure or book which just doesn’t seem ‘right’. All are unmistakable symptoms of a bad translation.

Make sure what you want to say or promote In a foreign language is transmitted clearly and concisely to the target audience. Remember, when advertising a service or product, poor quality or unintelligible copywriting or translation can destroy a good campaign. A good translation, on the other hand, creates added value.

If you wish to foster a good business image before potential clients, do not make the mistake of leaving a matter as important as your company’s translation needs in the hands of an amateur.

TRADUMEDIA can undertake the translation of all types of documents (standard, technical, legal, economical, scientific, medical, annual reports, instructions, etc. in any language. Contact us for an immediate free quote.

Guarantee of Quality

To convert every translation into something exceptional, to compose a little jewel of communication; these are the obsessions of our translators.

And to achieve it, we only work with translators who are native speakers and specialised professionals.

Our translators boast all of the resource material required (dictionaries. specialised glossaries, databases…) and the necessary computer technology to produce prompt, reliable and professional translations. Naturally, any documentation supplied by the client can advance and enrich the final product.

All of the translations are carefully edited before final delivery to comply with the demands of our guarantee of quality.

Stella Green