Multilingual Site Developement

TRADUMEDIA offers you the great advantage of contracting a special joint package which allows you to design, maintain and translate your personal, business, organizational or club website under one roof, without having to resort to using a number of professionals to do the job.

In our two special web design plans, TRADUMEDIA BASIC and TRADUMEDIA PLUS, we include the translation of your website into English (consult us for further details of these services and conditions). Moreover, if you wish your website to be translated into other languages (French, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, etc), you will obtain a 5% discount from our regular translation rates for every language translated, when you contract one of our special web design plans.

Website Maintenance

A fundamental point to bear in mind when using your website as a point of reference is the updating of its contents: there is no point in providing web users with products or information on a web page which is innovatively designed and highly efficient if, at the same time, the content is out-of-date. Stop and think for a moment: how would you react if you discovered that the electronic version of whatever newspaper, travel agency or business you were using had last been brought up-to-date months, or even years, previously?

Consequently, it is absolutely crucial to engage a service whid’l will allow your website to be bang up-to-date, offering only the latest news or products, creating more satisfied customers and greater brand loyalty.

Apart from a personalized design and multilingual translation service for your website, TRADUMEDIA can also offer a variety of competitive and comprehensive packages, with all of the prerequisites you require to ensure a larger number of visits to your website and positive enhancement of your brand’s image.

Stella Green